Wedding Designing Hacks To Follow

Consider these points and throw the best wedding of the season, while you parade around in your perfectly styled gown!
While you prepare for your wedding the most important day in your life that is only second to the day you graduated, there might be a lot of things to follow through with. This may range from overall decorations to the gown and seating arrangements. You may also need to book the venue and such as well. With the rush of all of this you may not always get the best, especially in terms of the venue. There are might be little things that may stand out and not go with your overall setting. Here are a few things you could follow to make sure you make the best out of what you’ve got;

Drag the attention from the ugly rug

The place you choose would already be styled in a certain manner. It may vary a lot and may even stand out against your autumn themed wedding. Here you might have to compromise and make do with what you’ve got. If you can’t move the ugly rug or the weird patterned floor, cover it up. This would be the simplest form of dragging the attention. However if you are unable to do that as well, you could simply drag the attention away from the floor. Just like in any DIY wedding take the liberty to come up with amazing work of art that could be hung above on the ceiling. Design it in a way that one has no choice but to look up and be distracted by it. It could be a simple flower arrangement on the ceilings or crafted twine décor hung from the ceiling. You could also hire a band and distract the crowd by encouraging them to dance the night away thus making them forget all about the ugly floor!

New seating

Sometimes the banquet hall you pick may come with already set seating arrangements. One that does not meet your expectations at all in any manner. These arrangements may not even go with the theme you have picked. Instead of throwing a tantrum and wallowing in self-pity, take up the option of hiring your own seating to meet your expectations. You could go for the rustic vintage kind seating or high chairs only for the bridal table. Choose the best that suits your wedding table decorations and save the day from ugly furniture!

Covering the weird drapes

Most places may come with already set drapes that don’t compliment your wedding theme at all! However all though you may not be able to take it off, you could pin new fabric chosen by you, over it. This saves the cost as well when you purchase in bulk. So before you go through with anything, make sure you thoroughly inspect the venue and its setting. If you feel that there is something you don’t like, think of alternatives then and there to work things out for your special day. Being pre-prepared for all of this will most certainly help a lot. In addition to the above hacks, you could also try the simplest form of incorporation as well. Try to incorporate the set colors of the venue into your décor and make do with things. If it deems as an impossible task, you are always free to try the above hacks.