What Are The Different Methods For The Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the technique for the cutting of the various materials. In the beginning the laser was only used for the cutting of different metals which included the aluminium, diamond and other kind of the metals but then this was also used for the cutting of some non-metal materials as well which mainly included the fabrics and the textiles. However, there are different types of the lasers used in the procedure of the laser cutting and there are different methods that are used by these laser cutting machines to cut through the materials. In every method a thin beam of the laser is used. Some of these methods are discussed in this article.

Cutting by Vaporization:

As the name represents in this method the, the laser is focused on the material for such long time that it is heated to its boiling point due to which the material starts to boil and in some time the molecules of this boiling material turn in to vapours. This is how the hole is created on the material and it starts to cut off. Although this method is most suitable for the non-metals because the non-metal materials such as the wood, plastic, carbon do not have a melting point and therefore these are easily cut by this.

Melting and blowing:

The second method includes two techniques which is the melting and the blowing. First the material is melted and then the melted material is moved away with the help of the blower and this is how the cut is generated. This kind of method is most suitable for the metal materials.

Thermal Stress:

This kind of good laser cutting procedure is most famous in the cutting of the glass because glass is a brittle material and such kind of materials are more sensitive in case of the thermal fracture. Like other methods of the laser cutting, this method also makes use of the beam and once the crack is made in the metal then the beam is guided through it to make the cut.

Wafer Dicing:

This is the special kind of the laser cutting method and is only used in the cutting procedure of the silicon wafers. This uses the special kind of the laser whose wavelength is according to the electronic band presented in the silicon. Another alternative name of this procedure is the stealth dicing.

Reactive cutting:

Another very famous and self-explanatory name of this method is the burning of the stabilized laser gas for cutting. Not only this but it is also known as the flame cutting. Mostly this procedure is used to cut the steel plates which are very thick in diameter and in this method,  laser uses the ignition to cut the material.

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